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Praying Genesis - Chapter 1 Peace, Hope, Love Stones
This web site contains various free downloadable* bible studies to enhance your Bible knowledge and understanding. Even if you don’t agree with the authors you will dig into the Scriptures to prove them right or wrong and that will make you smarter in the things of God. (2Tim. 2:15) This site is not affiliated with any denomination or church.

Prayer, Communicating with God
This study walks verse-by-verse through Jesus’ instructions in Matthew Chapter Six on how to talk to God our Father. Even if you have heard this before, go ahead and download this one; it covers all aspects of prayer. Read >>
The Sabbath
This study takes a revealing look at which day the Holy Scriptures call for as the official day of rest. Read >>
God's Love
This is not a study but a dream that was given to the author by God to share with the world. Read >>

*Documents are in PDF format, requiring Adobe Reader. Click here to download a free copy.