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Praying Genesis - Chapter 1 Peace, Hope, Love Stones
A Virtuous Woman
Proverbs 31:10-31
Take a look at the conduct of a Woman from God’s point of view. (1 Page) - View

The Sabbath
By: Daniel W. Alt & Mary Rudy
This study takes a revealing look at which day the Holy Scriptures call for as the official day of rest. (21 pages) - View

From the Translators of The King James Bible
A recently discovered address written to us from the panel of translators of the King James Bible. (2 pages) - View

Is The Law Done Away With?
By: Daniel W. Alt
In this study you will take a verse-by-verse look at one of the more misunderstood books in the Bible. (33 pages) - View

Prayer, Communicating With God
By Daniel W. Alt
This study walks verse-by-verse through Jesus’ instructions in Matthew Chapter Six on how to talk to God our Father. Even if you have heard this before, go ahead and download this one; it covers all aspects of prayer. (28 pages) - View

The Question Of Obedience
By: Daniel W. Alt
This study examines the role of obedience of and to what in the life of today’s Christians. It answers questions like “Do the Ten Commandments still apply?” or “What Old Testament Laws are still in effect today?" "Are we really supposed to celebrate those Holy Days that the Old Time Jews did?” (36 pages) - View

The Two Apocalypses
By: Daniel W. Alt
This very extensive verse-by-verse study combines the two books of Daniel and Revelation allowing them to interpret themselves and each other. It identifies the main players involved in the final events before the return of the Jesus Christ and it warns America of its impending downfall and captivity for its sins. It will allow the reader to understand time frames and sequences for future events. (285 pages) - View

God's Holy Calendar and Feasts
By: Daniel W. Alt
A quick one page reference of how God keeps time with the months and His Holy feast Days. (1 page) - View

God's Two Witnesses
By: Daniel W. Alt
All things must be established by two witnesses and God is no different: this study exposes those witnesses. (5 pages) - View

By: Daniel W. Alt
Who is responsible for wars and the destruction of our planet? This study will explore who and why. (11 pages) - View

Prosperity, Success, Wisdom, & Understanding
By: Daniel W. Alt
How does one obtain these most wonderful spiritual gifts and just what are they? You will learn through the pages of your Bible. (6 pages) - View

The Churchiest Nation
By: Daniel W. Alt
Do you know that America has more churches than any other nation on the face of the earth? So why are we going down hill so fast? You will find out in this study. (9 pages) - View

What Do Christians Want To Hear?
By: Daniel W. Alt Inspired by Chuck Bentley of Money Life
What would you like to hear from the mouth of God when you first see Him face to face? This study dives into the parable of the talents. (4 pages) - View

Who Is My Neighbor? I Don't Want To Love Just Anybody.
By: Daniel W. Alt Inspired by Dr. Adrain Rogers
You probably guessed from the title that this study is about the parable of the Good Samaritan; but go ahead and read it anyway because there are some facts included that you probably did not know before. (3 pages) - View

The Power of The Tongue
By: Daniel W. Alt
The title gives this one away but it is necessary for every Christian to get control of. From the Old Testament through Matthew and James the tongue is and important topic. (6 pages) - View

What About Meat?
By: Daniel W. Alt
Do the Old Testament dietary laws still apply today? This study takes a look into that subject from the New Testament side. (4 pages) - View

God's Love
By Daniel W. Alt
This is not a study but a dream that was given to the author by God to share with the world. (2 pages) - View

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